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Welcome to Maddy's journal - friends only.
I'd love to be friends with anyone so just read about me and if you think we'd get along leave me a comment.
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06 May 2015 @ 10:26 pm
There's also other things I should be doing
But of course I am compelled to update a journal I have not touched in 3 years
A lot has happened in my life I guess you could say
I briefly read over my old journal entries and they were embarrassing as fuck ahahahaha.
Maybe see you in another 3 years?
07 July 2012 @ 04:38 pm
I just bought $48 YSL lipgloss. Help.
I might not be going back to Shanghai. Help.
I may have failed a subject this semester. HELP.
04 September 2010 @ 12:30 pm
I could have come up with a more create name for this post, but meh, the weather here is making me tired and quite irritable.
So I arrived on the 30th of August, at about 7 in the morning after a pretty bad flight from Kuala Lumpur. I say it was 'pretty bad' because it left at about two in the morning and I couldn't get any sleep. blah. My friend's parents picked me up from the airport, and we spent a couple of hours walking around the humongous campus looking for the stupid Foreign Students Apartments. We eventually found the place where I was supposed to register instead, so i spent another couple of hours or so lining up there registering. Met a couple of nice people though ^^
After all that was done, (My friend's dad had left) my friend's mum and I started to make our way to the dorms. We managed to get a lift on the back of some guy's bike...thing. That was fun. At least I didn't have to lug my bags around any more. We got pulled over by a police officer at the entrance to the student living quarters. Lol, he asked to see my passport and admission notice! But yeah I eventually got to the dorm and settled down and my friend's mum took me to buy some stuff and for dinner.
My room is quite nice.
and my roommate is Korean. (win!)
She seems amazed that I know anything about Korea...lol~
My second day was spent finishing registering and getting a bank card (I was sitting in a stupid Chinese bank for two hours, with the stupid 'number so and so please go to counter number so and so' being announced in Chinese constantly!!
It took me a few days to find the local Shopping centre, about 30 minutes walk, which is freakin' awesome. Though, things there are probably about the same price as in Australia or a bit cheaper, compared to the OMG MUCH CHEAPER of the small stalls and stores closer to the uni.
I've found places to buy lollipops - as in the phones - but I want to get a legit one so i'm going to wait until I get my first monthly scholarship money, buahaha. For now I have a crappy little $30 motorola which I didn't think even worked up until a couple of hours ago and I was gonna go demand for my money back xD We got a free sim card when we register, which is pretty freakin' sweet, the card itself already has 50 yuan on it and we got another 60 yuan card.
That is all Fudan has been good for, so far. Tomorrow I have like an 'Opening Ceremony' thing and then my classes start on monday...
I am so happy I can at least use LJ, because I can't use Facebook, twitter or Youtube. But my internet is fast so I can download movies and dramas. Weee~
I have also seen three advertisements with Leehom on them, the first was an almost life size cutout for Garnier for men, the second one for like...Canon digital SLRs? and the most recent was a billboard for Taipei. Lol i <3 you leehom.
I'm going to edit this post with pics later on cos its kinda pissing me off. xD Bye
Why give me the option of typing in like 6 different languages but then not work? Stupid language lab computer.
I wanted to type in Korean ><
I had a Korean lesson this morning. I'm quite happy with my progress thus far. We've almost finished the book~ I've been studying with Shelley for about 9-10 months.
I really really really need to find a new job. I'll start looking more seriously once uni is over, which is in one week! Yay, then I only have two exams in July. Freakin' July.
My prediction for this semester is: Chinese HD, Japanese C, and Asian Studies D. Should be good.
I would also love it if I could get a reply from either of the unis I applied for a scholarship for. aaarggghhhh. 'End of May' hmm, that is fast approaching.
Oh, there's a Korean Movie night thingo at Flinders Uni tomorrow. So going~
But they're showing 'The King's Man' as hunni23  predicited. xD
22 April 2010 @ 10:43 am
Was there something you were afraid of as a child that just seems silly to you now?

I used to be terrified of being in a car without my seatbelt on. I mean, fair enough, and good job to my parents for like, enforcing that to me, but I used to scream and almost cry if I hadn't fastened my seatbelt and the car started to move.
Hmm...I was also afraid of going in the bathroom, specifically the bathroom if it was dark. I wasn't afraid of the dark, just the bathroom because my friend's sister told me that there was specific ghost that haunted bathrooms, LOL.
08 January 2010 @ 12:14 pm
OK, because I'm bored, waiting for my movie (Going to see the Lovely Bones, it better be good) I shall tell of my journeys around Sydney!
So I wake up on Wednesday morning, and decide to check my email. Anyway, from that, I discover that Jaejoong, Yoochun (and Yoohwan must not leave him out), Junsu, and Changmin are in Australia. Changmin was in Brisbane for filming of his drama, and the rest were in Sydney! Imagine my luck, on holidays in Sydney and most of my favourite band, my obsession for 3 years is here too! So, I couldn't do anything about trying to find them on Wednesday (they had been here since Monday and I only found out on Wednesday, was most disappointed) but I organised to meet people on Thursday morning to go around in a group and try and find them. Anyway, when I woke up on Thursday morning, I quickly logged onto the TVXQ Australia site, and people were saying that Jaechun were leaving that morning! I didnt want to believe it, so I decided to catch the train into the city anyway. Once I got there, it had been confirmed, and so I was stuck without people in a city I didn't know. So I found somewhere with internets (lol, woolies) and talked to some people who informed me of where junsu was staying (ohhh so stalkerish) and I made my way there. there were lots of fangirls hanging around and I eventually struck up a conversation with some of them. After about an hour or so after I arrived, some of the fans (there were like, two guys xD) moved over to stand next to 'The van' lol. Someone got told, probably by the driver, that he was going to be going somewhere with junsu at 1:20? so we waited, and waited. these two korean girls (someone told me one of them was his neice) were talking to the driver a lot, in rapid korean, i deduced that they were trying to get him to let them come with him! LOL. So, eventually at like 1.30-1.45 the driver drove the van away, around to the back entrance and there he was, KIM JUNSU. I have a video of that fine moment. I shall edit this post when I have eventually uploaded it.
Anyway, I think I'll go get me a frozen coke now.
Be back to edit this post!! Stay tuned~ lol.

Ok, so the lovely bones was the saddest thing ever :/
Anyway, after the thrill of seeing junsu getting into his van >_>
pretty much everyone crazily ran after it (ok, im a fangirl...)
but it being a van, it got away, and because I had nothing else to do I just walked in the direction it went, figuring something would come of it. It did. This girl caught up to me, we chatted a little bit, and then I realised that across the other side of the road was 'the van'.
we then noticed it was parked outside of the sydney harbour bridge climbing building (oic) so I went inside and had a look around. His staff were inside, but not him. So I played like a tourist (this is so bad, but I was the only white girl so I wasn't regarded as part of the group of asian fangirls ><) and when he finally came inside he walked right past me... I got to hear his voice! (how sad my life is...) anyway, after a while we all left, and I just kinda walked down the road a bit, following some other girls, who seemed to know what they were doing because we ending up under the bridge were you can see the people who are climbing coming and going. We all waited for maybe half an hour? And he came out, and we all smiled and waved and called out to him and he smiled and waved back. I think he seemed a little taken aback that we were actually there to see him, like...that we were that dedicated? Hah. So, when I was inside previously, I had asked about climbing the bridge (about $200 pp) and the lady at the counter said it could either take 1.5 hours, or 3 hours. So I knew we would be waiting a while for him. I chatted with some of the girls, then decided to go for a walk to see if I could find somewhere to get something to eat. I decided I couldn't be bothered walking all the way back to circular quay, so I ended up on the bridge. Like, walking on the side of it, next to the lanes of traffic. I was just walking casually, not expecting anything, and I notice in the distance, the arch starts, and people are starting to climb up it. One of those people was Junsu of course =D I couldn't believe my luck. If I had walked a tiny bit faster I would have been like, face level with him. Anyway, I watched him climb the bridge. When he went out of view I just dawdled my way back to under the bridge, were the fan girl numbers had lessened, LOL.
We waited for maybe another 45 minutes, and he was back! His staff were filming us too. If I see myself in anything I will die. Of embarrassment. One of the guides was laughing at us. She was probably like "omg, they waited this long for him?" xD
So we all moved back to the building to see him come out of it and get into the van (crazy fangirls) but they tricked us and took the van out the back...where we couldn't get in. By then I was like, fuck this, i'm going home..."
and casually walked back down the road... where the van was out the front of the hotel O_O lollll
I stood around for all of two seconds, then decided I should start heading home...
Anyway, I'm tired but I shall continue this tomorrow with my adventures at the airport...
OK. I'll keep the airport short...
I woke up at 5am to get there by 7am. Woot. The bus driver was most unhelpful, considering I was from interstate. I managed to not pay the ridiculous $11 or whatever it was to get from the train station into the international airport. I walked around downstairs for a few minutes then went upstairs. I checked on a screen where the flight was checking in, and wanting to find out where it was boarding I went there. I have no idea how that terminal works so I thought that might lead me somewhere... and it did... just as I walked up to where the 9am flight to Seoul was checking in, Junsu was there! I noticed the fangirls first, lol. I have a video of that too, but it's on my sister's camera. Anyway, there were tons of fans! Mostly Korean I think, because they kept calling out "Oppa~!" and saying other things in Korean.
19 December 2009 @ 09:48 pm
1. Post about something that made you happy today even if it's just a small thing.
2. Do this everyday for a week without fail.
3. Tag 8 of your friends to do the same.

So, uhm... I got tagged to do this by byuldeureul like almost a month ago and I just noticed because that's how I roll on lj...

I might not even be able to do this for a week, but I'll do it for 7 days every day when I can. If that makes sense to you!

Day 1: Something that made me happy today was watching the Future Sailors Live Tour. (Mighty Boosh) Performances of Eels and Nannageddon were particularly hilarious/entertaining. That and oh yeah, we had some family around for Christmas because my brother and I are going away next week to Sydney. I got some nice shoes from mummy. =D
I've had a less than good day altogether though. That is why Boosh is my happy thing for the day.

I tag... mintiemii _claraw_ ashli_xxx cutey1 dreaming_col lovelessending honeyfunnybunny